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And when I call, and I will call,

make sure you throw your phone as hard as you can at the wall

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My own friends hate my guts
So what? Who gives a fuck?

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you said again.
"you get what you put in".
my phone won’t ring.
i’ve put in nothing.

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I made the best of what I thought was impossible


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So I drove home,
at a hundred miles an hour,
just to see what it feels like to fly.
I crashed my car,
into someone else’s backyard,
just to see what it feels like to die.

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June on the West Coast - Bright Eyes

Though spring it did come slowly

I guess it did its part

My heart has thawed and continues to beat

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Foxing - Rory

but my hands shake and shudder at the mention / of half written reasons why we’ll only be friends / i swear i’m a good man / so why don’t you love me back?

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Tiny Moving Parts - Dakota

I have never been so scared and sad at the same time. 
I finally will figure out what life truly means when it’s all left behind 
I did not know what steps to take after graduating high school. 
I never knew much of anything. 

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hold my hand, hold it tight whether the weather is cold tonight. I promise it will be alright


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